Flint and Fuel Creative | Digital Marketing Studio

Are you just putting one brick on top of another or are you building something?

What are you bringing us? You have something unique to offer…what is it?

What is the reason behind what you are doing?

You didn’t just start for no reason, right? Something made you start.

It’s easy to forget the big picture when you’re stuck in invoices, supplier meetings, and customer complaints.

Take a step back and compare your business today with the idea you had all that time ago? Is it still on track?

If you asked yourself on day 1 the question of why you are here compared to today…does it still make sense?

Is the reason you are here still clearly visible?

And if you started just because it was something you could do at the time and you didn’t think about it too much, what would happen if you started to ask the question?

Could you improve? Could your customers be happier? Could your staff be more engaged?

Could the reason you are here become your manifesto? A flag to rally behind? The small flame that turns into a wildfire?


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