The value of connecting with your audience: RUNeasy Running Clinic, Execujet, Lanseria

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Always add value

In the modern marketplace it is increasingly difficult to get yourself heard. With the proliferation of small businesses, where each person adds their offering to the public arena, the business owner needs to prioritise and focus on quality over quantity, depth over width. In the overcrowded digital era we find ourselves in, it becomes increasingly important to connect with your audience. People have an increasing need to unplug and engage with another person, without the digital intermediary, which has removed the physical barriers of time and space in modern society. Your target market wants to hear your voice, not something automated. Something real and authentic, with the weight of an emotional investment in what your saying and presenting to the world as your brand or product.

Learning to Run

It is much easier to tweet or post your opinion than to tell someone about it face to face. It takes a lot of confidence to stand up in front of people and say, ‘this is what I believe’ regarding the topic you care about. And even harder still when there are so many digital ‘easy-ways-out’.  The RUNeasy Running Clinic hosted by my beautiful wife, Tarrin van Niekerk, strives to connect with people on a topic very dear to the heart. Running. Having been a lifelong runner, the aim of the Running Clinic is to teach people injury self-management and improve their running performance. It is with this aim that the RUNeasy workshops are held as a full day clinic, absolutely crammed with in-depth lectures, practical demonstrations and self-assessments with regards to running form, often-neglected drills and shoe selection.

A new corporate venue

With the previous workshop held at Groenkloof nature reserve, there was a more laid back vibe under the trees. This time the venue for the Trail Running Workshop was the ExecuJet Boardroom at Lanseria Airport, which added a much more corporate atmosphere to the proceedings. The hugely popular blogging platform,, headed by the intrepid Pieter Steyn and his team, was also brought on-board as partners to assist with the event planning and management and social media coverage.

Lots to learn

Participants were treated to a spectacular day, with a light breakfast served to start things off. Thereafter it was straight to business as the topics of running form, and drills, nutrition, foot assessments and shoe selection were covered. A delicious lunch was served to the participants, courtesy of the catering partner, Food by Mariechen. The “Lunchbox with the Wonderful Suprises” gave everyone a much needed boost after the intellectual morning.

Stage racing wisdom

After lunch it was the turn of the Pro Athletes, Bennie Roux and Dirk Cloete to share some wisdom on going LONG. Everyone was on their every word as Bennie Roux, recent winner of the 112km Wildcoast Wildrun, and Dirk Cloete, 3-time winner of the 250km Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon, eloquently expounded on the many intricacies of stage racing. Questions and answers flowed easily throughout the day, as the aim is much more on a collaborative conversation than a academic lecture.

The value of theory into practice

The day was finished off with a voluntary 5k run on the trails around the Lanseria aiport, with a great variety of terrain in such a short distance. Participants got the chance to put into practice what they had learned earlier in the day. Tarrin was also available to answer some practical questions as the runners put their new found knowledge to the test. It is always two very different things to put theoretical principles into practice, where the rubber meets the road (trail).

A great day was had by all, with another few eager members added to the RUNeasy community. The RUNeasy running clinic has seen some phenomenal growth this year, with the overall strategy of getting quality content out and engaging in-depth with the audience on the topic of running paying large dividends. Tarrin has since been featured in a podcast on the Old Mutual Do Great Things  website. She has also secured a regular slot on the blog, sharing her wisdom on a variety of running related topics to help the community ‘Get Stronger, Run Longer’.

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