Healthy running is easy: RUNeasy Instructional Videos

single leg squat footstrike

Running Easy

The RUNeasy Running Clinic is a Running Form and Injury Prevention Clinic passionately driven by my beautiful wife, Tarrin van Niekerk. A physiotherapist by trade, a runner by heart, it is amazing to see someone in action when they are doing what they love. Doing what excites them, especially if that something is to help other people, it seems easy and effortless. Starting something new is never easy, takes a lot of energy and staying focused on what you want to achieve and build. Through 2 years of work and effort, she has created a brand that is dedicated to helping people enjoy running as much as she does.

Learning running as a skill

The main focus of the RUNeasy Running Clinic is the full day workshop, the most recent of which was hosted at Execujet, Lanseria in partnership with, a trail running blog dedicated to adding value in the crowded trail running market. Participants are presented with a full day’s program of lectures, demonstrations, practical sessions and of course, a delicious lunch!

How can we help you run healthy?

Tarrin has since expanded the reach of the RUNeasy brand, to include Trail Information Evenings hosted at the Natural Runner, in-depth articles published on, as well as 1-to-1 runner’s assessments. All of which is aimed at helping runners overcome their injuries, and improve their performance.

Strength training made easy

We were happy to be involved with another expansion of the RUNeasy brand, namely the videography on the Strength Training Exercises that she features on social media each week. Each week, runners get another strength exercise to focus on, working on common weaknesses and often neglected areas in the overall fitness of the runner. These are not just the normal gym exercises that runners see in the gym, these exercises are specifically chosen to improve running performance and injury prevention. When discussing the project we realised that video would be a better way to demonstrate the correct technique, as form is of the utmost importance when dealing with strength exercises.

Have a look at some of the other projects we have collaborated with RUNEasy here, their youtube channel and check us out on social media: facebook, twitter, google+,tumblr, pinterest and instagram. Have a look at our portfolio, and contact us for your next photoshoot!